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Being known as the second largest coffee exporting country, Vietnam is a paradise of coffee with various options for drinkers. With the abundance of these ingredients, Vietnam coffee drinking culture has been highly developed with unique features. In general, Vietnamese people often enjoy a cup of coffee in a very different way so that foreign tourists may be surprised about this.  In many other countries like America, Italy, France, etc., if people want to drink a cup of coffee, they must find a coffee shop or a semi-automatic coffee machine. In contrast, in Vietnam, people can easily buy a delicious cup of coffee which brews by coffee filter.

The preparation process, as well as the blend of beans, helps give Vietnamese coffee its particular style. Coarsely ground beans go into a coffee filter, which sits on top of the cup. The beans are weighted down with a thin lid, hot water is added to the filter, and then the water slowly trickles through into the cup. Most people drink the resulting dark, strong brew with sweetened condensed milk.

With the desire to bring the perfect products from pure coffee beans to local and foreign customers, we invest core values to the love of farmers who grow coffee trees. VALPRESSO products are selected from red ripe beans of the coffee trees which are grown in Bao Loc city. Our modern production lines create the special flavor of Vietnamese coffee.

VALPRESSO Coffee absolutely does not use flavorings and chemicals in its products. VALPRESSO Coffee has unique roasted and ground formula to create a separate product line. Therefore, you will easily distinguish VALPRESSO coffee with other coffee products.

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